How to Give Your Man the Best Blowjob He's Ever Had

by Elvis Little

Part One: Philosophy

What is the secret of the blowjob? Better to ask how to play the stock market, or why Michael and Lisa Marie, or how a just god could create a universe containing great suffering - the answers are simpler and require fewer ASCII-impossible illustrations. But having been on the giving and receiving end of a few blowjobs in my time, and understanding the importance of the question, I will give my answer.

The question has been asked as long as there have been words for the body parts involved, and it is still being asked because no satisfying answer has yet been given. True, sex manuals have been written with sections, chapters, volumes on the blowjob, but the facts of the matter as explained in these encyclopedias of technique only equip the reader to paint by numbers on a canvas where more artistry than this is necessary.

Religious texts have, when not completely hush-hush about the subject, tried to address the blowjob in spiritual, holistic terms. Unfortunately, the success of these methods usually requires a wholesale adherence to the full package of religious doctrines accompanying them, and so is useless (or worse than useless) to most of us.

The common, catch-all advice - "Well, just ask him what he likes!" - is far more flawed than the cliché-bearers will hint at. This for two reasons: First, a man is often insufficiently aware of, and almost always insufficiently coherent or revealing about the qualities that make a blowjob most satisfying; Second, even if a man should be sufficiently investigative and articulate, he will possess a fear that will prevent him from revealing the true depth of his knowledge.

What can you mean? I hear you say. Can you really be saying that a man who knows he can be instructive in teaching his partner to bring him to new heights of ecstasy through oral sex will hide that knowledge away out of fear? Fear of what?

It is good that you ask, because this is the kind of knowledge that will help you, and the kind of knowledge you will not find in the encyclopedias of perversion, nor will you discover it from interrogating your lover. If he has felt a good blowjob, and if he suspects the heights to which his pleasure can go if the continuum from blowjob to good blowjob to better blowjob continues as he suspects it might, he will fear the following things:

1. He will fear being possessed

2. He will fear causing you injury

3. He will fear pain

4. He will fear death

Let me explain these one by one. All animals, humans included, strive toward pleasure and away from pain. Pleasure and pain are the feedback our brains receive from our environment to instruct us and guide us to orient our lives in ways which lead to the survival and propagation of the genes which worked so hard to give us the capacity to feel pleasure and pain.

Because of the sophistication of the human brain, humans anticipate pain and pleasure, concoct imaginary and speculative scenarios and do cost/benefit analysis to maximize both long term and short term happiness, and minimize corresponding pain. The sophistication of our algorithms, and the difficulty involved in fine-tuning and second-guessing them leads to much of the angst associated with the human condition, but also to much of what we consider unique and honorable about our species.

But like many of the algorithms genetically concocted for us over the millennia, this one is buggy. In the same way that our eyesight is remarkable and our visions of the world stunningly accurate, yet optical illusions can be devised which show us things that are not there, our pleasure and pain monitoring system can be flummoxed by certain, rare, pathological cases.

The textbook case of this is animals that have electrodes implanted in their brains that directly stimulate the pleasure center. These animals will continually press a lever which will activate these electrodes, abandoning all other pursuits, including nourishment, to their eventual collapse and death.

This is mimicked in human beings in the self-destructive behavior of (for instance) bulimics, kleptomaniacs, and heroin addicts. What will an addict do to stop the pain of withdrawal? What won't an addict do, ask instead. It is as if the pleasure and pain monitors, which have been so reliable in protecting the body and psyche from the dangers of the world, have been taken over by some outside force and made to serve the devil.

It is this sort of possession that your lover fears, that should the pleasure increase not far beyond the heights he has already experienced, he will find his self-control has abandoned him utterly -- that the complex equation of desire and prudence and the weights of long-term and short-term pleasure has been reduced to a single term, the exponent on that term having inflated until the other elements of the equation have surrendered and withered away.

What will I say? Will I scream? Will I cry? Will I break something? Will I make promises I cannot keep? What that is dear to me will I not be willing to sacrifice to keep the pleasure from ending?

This fear is real, but it is addressable. It involves two things: an earned trust and the hope of orgasm. The trust means that the man must believe that whatever he utters, however he moves, even should he lose control of his bowels or get a bloody nose or put his hand through the wall, the consequences will be minor, and the giver of the blowjob will not react with revulsion, fear, or anger. Tell him clearly, "I don't take very seriously anything you say while I'm sucking you off." This will take some of the pressure off. It is also best to perform the blowjob in a place where there is little chance of injury to self or damage to valuables that might be caused by thrashing around, and where screams of delight will not be a social nuisance.

The second way to allay this fear is to show to your lover that you are capable of bringing him to orgasm with your mouth. This does not have to be a terrific blowjob or a terrific orgasm. It is just important that the demonstration be given that the capability of release during oral sex exists.

For men, the possession of the pleasure/pain monitor by a single, powerful pleasure -- in this case oral sex -- has a built-in release valve. This is a source of great relief. If this were not the case, it is possible that no man would allow himself to be endangered by the possibility of a phenomenal blowjob. After orgasm, while stimulation of the penis may still be pleasurable, the accompanying compelling desire for more, more, more without pause or stop, more, vanishes completely -- relaxation and relief replaces apprehension and arousal.

The belief that the release of orgasm is possible lessens the fear of possession -- eventually, thinks your lover, my self-control will return, and what I get in return for loaning it off to the devil will be worth the trade.

The second fear is very much related to the first, but because it is more difficult for both you and your lover to deal with, it will be treated separately. This is the fear that your lover has that he will hurt or injure you at some point in the course of the blowjob.

It is easy to imagine that as the body and soul become more enslaved to the pursuit of pleasure, that the involuntary muscle contractions that lead to the bucking of hips, for instance, may lead to him thrusting his penis deep into your mouth, causing you to gag or choke, or even chip your teeth on his pubic bone. Perhaps he will buck you right off the bed, throw you into the wall, squeeze you with his thighs so hard that your ribs break.

And who's to say he won't?

This is a fear you have to conquer as well. You asked how to give the best blowjob, but did you ask as you should have what the consequences might be?

He also fears (though he may not admit it, even to himself) that as he loses self-control and gives himself over completely to pleasure, that he may be capable, possessed by the devil as he is, of violently violating you to satisfy his lust. Unlikely, you say, that the gentle man on whom you are going down would turn on you like that? He probably thinks so, too, but wonders if maybe there is a line he has yet to cross beyond which he knows nothing of the limits to his behavior.

You've read the statistics about date rape, and he has too, and maybe he is one of the statistics, and he fears it could happen again. And maybe he's not one of the statistics, but he wonders if there is a rapist inside of him just needing a powerful enough incentive to emerge.

Maybe you find this exciting. You are a willing partner, and you want to risk releasing the wild animal in your man. But think for a moment about what he wants. Maybe he does have this beast inside of him, but maybe the belief that he is far apart from evil is precious to him. Are you prepared to show him his dark side and support him as he wrestles with the blow to his self-image that will result?

This is powerful juju you're playing with here. I'm reminded of the psychological experiment in which a faux psychological test was set up, in which one subject would be hooked up to a machine in one room, the other subject would be given the controls to the machine. The machine was supposedly designed to give varying levels of pain as negative feedback when the first subject did something incorrectly.

The first subject, however, was a confederate of the test-designers, and did not actually feel any pain but merely screamed out as if the pain were real, eventually begging to be released from the machine. The actual subject at the controls, although very much aware that her/his actions were causing pain, would turn up the dial and press the button repeatedly at the instructions of the folks in the white smocks. A percentage of subjects, disturbingly high if you maintain a belief in the innate goodness of your fellow man, cranked the knob all the way up to ten.

This test was designed to show that if the holocaust were an ongoing project here and now, most of us would happily join the crews hauling in the trainloads of enemies of the state, only asking when the paychecks would arrive and how long the lunch hour was.

But as holier-than-thou as the test designers made themselves out to be by coming up with this ethical examination, I think they have a lot to answer for. They showed many people that deep down inside they're good little Nazis. Then what? Any follow-up? "Sir, we have just demonstrated that at the request of authority you are willing to torture your fellow man. Have a nice day. Good-bye."

But what does this all have to do with oral sex, I hear someone in the back of the room asking the person in the next desk over. You thought when you asked the question that you'd hear as your answer a discussion of the topology of the glans penis, a "to swallow or not to swallow" debate, maybe a catalog of lubricants or flavoring agents. But a discussion of morality, spirituality, ethics, fear? Where does this fit in?

I'm discussing fear, because the obstacle to a monumental blowjob is only technique when the inept and uncaring, or those who think the only "secret to the blowjob" is that it's a misnomer, are still included in the discussion. Some of the best blowjobs I received were from a virgin who'd never seen an erection before and was so ignorant about sexuality that she asked me with fear, embarrassment and shock why her vulva was becoming moist during our petting sessions. Experience and technique separate bad blowjobs from good blowjobs, and help, certainly, in summoning a great blowjob, but a phenomenal blowjob is a thing of magic, not of flesh.

So I must return to fear, the primal emotion. The third fear is the fear of pain. Not the pain that might be inadvertently caused by the involuntary motions of ecstasy propelling limbs against bedposts, and not (except in exceptional and unhappy cases) the fear that you will do damage to his genitals with your teeth, but the pain caused by pleasure reaching new heights and flooding the brain with undifferentiated sensations which may entirely by accident stumble upon pockets of pain.

Perhaps, your lover holds as a deep and secret worry, there will be some phase transition as the pleasure rises beyond a certain threshold and it will crystallize as pain, but pain wearing the clothes of pleasure and containing within it the same compulsion to make it continue and increase. I will be begging for more even as it rips through me like fire.

The fine boundary between pleasure and pain, a boundary so fine that it seems sometimes instead like an axis on which spins a pleasure-pain continuum, has been remarked upon enough in the world's literature that interested parties can be referred elsewhere. Try the bondage crowd.

But who can he discuss his fear of pain with? His friends? "I'm afraid of having a blowjob so good that it hurts." "Heh heh... Hope I get that lucky!" His lover? "I'm afraid it will throw me over into pain." "Don't you trust me not to hurt you?" No, this secret fear is his alone. He may never share it, and only he can conquer it. Patience and trust may be your only allies.

The fourth fear -- the fear of death -- is the most difficult to believe, and is difficult to explain in a way that makes it believable. Surely, the objection runs, nobody has died from a blowjob, right?

Not to the knowledge of this researcher. But if this fear were just the result of reading risk tables like some sort of insurance company accountant and dolloping out an appropriate hunk of apprehension, it would not be as widespread as it is.

Not that it's universal. It seems to blossom in men only as they begin to taste the heights of sexual ecstasy, so that the more of the fruits of lust are consumed, the more developed is the intuition that a confrontation with mortality is the dessert to this most appealing of meals.

Not expiration of the physical body, not just death itself, but a head-on collision with the frailty of the animal body and the depth of eternity. The French call orgasm the "little death," but this is just a description of one of the experiences that suggest this intuition -- experiential metaphors -- not a description of the intuition itself.

There's nothing "little" about it. Each of us has pretensions of immortality, beliefs that what is essentially true, solid, and unique about each of us is in some way disconnected from the animal we inhabit. Sexual abandon is to a large extent an abandonment of this pretense, an identification of the self with the skin, the flesh, the nervous system. Until now, your lover has at the moments of his most thorough abandon kept a trail of bread crumbs back to the soul he imagines he is. But he fears that as the winds kick up in the chaotic maelstrom of total sensual abandon, the trail will be swept away, and he will be left to identify himself only with this body, this mortal body, this decaying animal which in a few years will begin an eternity-long process of being scattered to the winds of entropy.

It is like vertigo, this revulsion he feels as he approaches this chasm of time into which he imagines falling and disintegrating until history ends. He is incapable of conquering this fear, and you are incapable of helping him. He can only feel it, and shake inside, and continue anyway. This is the secret of tantric sexuality, in which the elimination of the ego in precisely this manner. The other fears you must respect and honor, but this one you can only respect.

You thought you were asking a simple question, deserving a simple answer. Now that you know what you're up against, is your curiosity still piqued? Now that I have presented an introduction to what is most important to keep in mind when in pursuit of the perfect blowjob, I will start in part two to discuss mundane matters of technique which may be of assistance.

Part Two: A Discussion of Technique

by Elvis Little

(If you haven't read part one yet, you really oughta. It's my favorite part. -- E.L.)

There is a peculiar uncertainty principle regarding the subjective analysis of a blowjob that makes discussion of technique especially problematic. That principle is as follows: The ability of a man to accurately and completely analyze the causation of a sexual stimulus is inversely proportional to the power of that stimulus. Or in other words, the better it makes you feel, the less capable you are of paying attention to what exactly it is that is making you feel so good.

So, rather than getting too specific into technique (and what techniques are best varies from man to man anyway), I will just share some things I have learned, including general observations I have picked up from time to time as I go.

Probably the best way to learn the details of technique is just to practice frequently and with as many men as you are comfortable practicing with. Pay close attention to the feedback you are receiving from them (moans, gasps, body motions), and encourage accurate feedback. A man may, for some reason, be giving feedback which is unrelated to his actual feelings. He may be stifling expression out of embarrassment or shyness, or he may be exaggerating his pleasure as a way of thanking or complementing you. Do what you can to show your lover that you value his accurate, natural feedback. Then vary your technique all over the map, and see where the oases of paradise lie.

There is a caveat here, however. It is possible to stimulate a man in such a way that is irritating, he may call it "too good" or "too sensitive." This is not a subtle way of saying "you've found the right spot!" It should be taken literally as a thing to be avoided. In the same way that French fries taste good with a little salt on them, but pouring a shaker-full of salt on your fry won't make it better than good, "too sensitive" isn't better than "sensitive." The reason I bring this up at this point is that if for some reason your lover is shy about discussing sex, or is habitually incommunicado during sex-play, the gasps and body spasms that accompany these "too sensitive" touchings may mimic the gasps and body spasms you are trying to discover. So be aware.

The topics I'd like to introduce in this discussion of technique are:

1. Antici...pation

2. Suction, teeth, and other mechanical details

3. The Hand

4. "Swallowing"

5. The perineum

6. Anal play

7. Chemical assistance


He will curse you, but thank you later, if you visit most of his body with your tongue, stopping occasionally, but only briefly, at his penis, biting his nipples, kissing his inner thighs, taking one testicle at a time into your mouth, building up anticipation for a while before plunging into a full-bore oral assault.

I do not know why this is, only that it is so. Building anticipation (similar to, but distinct from teasing) is an important element in The Best Blowjob.

It is possible to carry this too far. In the "blue balls" phenomenon, the man has had an erection for so long that his penis actually aches, and the ceiling of possible pleasure falls to a point where even the best technique will only result in a merely satisfactory orgasm. It is not too hard to find a middle ground. The amount of time necessary to build anticipation really isn't all that much, whereas the time required for "blue balls" to set in is fairly long.

Suction, Teeth, and Other Mechanical Details

You know by now, I'm sure, that there isn't much "blowing" involved in a blowjob, but you may be unsure as to how much "sucking" is needed to suck someone off. Is there really suction involved, or is the pressure of lips and tongue enough to do the job?

Suction is not necessary, but can be an enhancement if done well (and this is just a knack). If suction is used well, a larger surface area of the penis comes into contact with a larger surface area of the mouth, cheeks and tongue and with more pressure, which can be a Good Thing. If you can suck the cheeks in so far as to create a buffer to keep the teeth away from the penis, so much the better.

It is hard to give a blowjob without your teeth coming in contact with his erection, but this is the ideal. A small amount of contact, incidental contact, is no foul, and no flag is thrown, but a lot of teeth is so distracting as to make the whole enterprise not worth the trouble.

Try different positions and locations to find the one which allows you to take as much of the erection in your mouth as you can without it rubbing against your teeth. It may take a few tries to find the position that's best for you, but I bet he won't complain that you want to experiment again.

A position is best if it allows your tongue to rest against the underside of the penis (the side away from the body when the penis is erect). Where the glans comes together into a cleft on this side is perhaps the most sensitive part of the penis (another nominee is the nearby piss-slit, or urethral opening), and is a part that should be most thoroughly tongued during oral sex.

The majority of your blowjob should probably involve licking the head of the penis while it is in your mouth, and bobbing your mouth up and down on the upper couple of inches of the penis, but varying this with "deep-throating" the penis and with removing the penis from your mouth altogether to use your tongue all over the head and shaft can be nice.

The Hand

Should the hand be used? This is a tough one. It is a trade-off between quality and frequency of fellated orgasm. It can be very difficult to bring a man to orgasm with your mouth. It usually takes much longer than intercourse or hand-jobs. And for many people, the endurance, and the ability to keep your mouth open that long, is wanting.

A compromise is to keep the mouth bobbing just on the head of the penis, while performing a hand-job with the hand somewhat lower on the base of the penis than normal (so you do not club yourself in the lips on the up-swing). This gives the wonderful pleasure of having the head of the penis in the mouth, while at the same time making it easier on the person giving the blow-job by not requiring so much depth of oral penetration and by speeding orgasm.

While this is certainly fine and dandy on occasion, and is very much recommended, it is not really a blowjob. It is not the summoning of an orgasm orally, but the augmentation of a hand-job with oral stimulation. Not really in the same ballpark.

So should you use your hand? Yes, of course, if you both enjoy it. But not if you're trying to give your man the best blowjob he's ever had.


You may have noticed that there is a great deal said when the topic of blowjobs is raised about "swallowing." Some people do, some people don't. The ones that do are usually preferred, or at least especially appreciated.

"Swallowing" is actually a misnomer. Just as "blowjobs" don't have much to do with "blowing," "swallowing" isn't really about gulping a load of semen down your throat. It's a code word. When you are asked "do you swallow?" what it really means is, "will you continue to perform oral sex on me while I ejaculate, or will you remove your mouth at that point?" Whether you swallow or spit after you get a mouthful of jizm is a non-issue.

There are two reasons why this is a concern. First and most obviously, if you have been bringing a man to orgasm with your mouth, having the source of that pleasurable sensation removed at the height of orgasm is a bit of a letdown, and replacing the gentle, warm wet sucking with a last-minute hand job is a poor substitute (poor being a relative term here).

Secondly, if you are a "non-swallower," the man will generally feel obligated to warn you after he has passed the point of ejaculatory inevitability as a courtesy to you to allow you to remove your face from the impact zone in time. But for the man to set up a monitor in his mind for this purpose means that he cannot become fully immersed in the blowjob, but must remain partially apart from it, watching objectively, ready to wave the warning flag. This, too, detracts from the experience.

The Perineum

The perineum deserves a footnote here, as it is surprisingly underutilized. It is the ridge of flesh between the anus and the scrotum. It represents a continuation of the tubes which make up the penis and are engorged with blood during erection.

Pressure applied to the perineum during an erection will cause an effect similar to squeezing the middle of a balloon -- the rest of the balloon will inflate larger. Similarly, when the perineum is pressed, blood will push into the rest of the penis, causing the glans (head) to grow larger and more nerve endings in it to be exposed to your tongue. Get the picture?

Note that simply holding pressure on the perineum won't do the trick. Pressure must be applied, then released, the applied again and so on. Note also that if you have long fingernails, you should not use your fingertips to do the pressing!

Anal Play

I have come across (in, and upon) few people who do not appreciate having a tongue deep in their asshole, and I'm no exception. Unfortunately, there is a fairly huge taboo about the anus which keeps many people from exploring the pleasure to be reaped from this part of the body.

Anal penetration (by dildo, finger, or penis, if you're flexible and male) is a welcome addition to many a blowjob, and rimming (oral-anal contact, analingus) can be positively delightful and should be considered as an element in The Best Blowjob He's Ever Had. If you're squeamish about rimming, give him a thorough soap-and water washing, and maybe try a dab of honey to make the taste especially pleasant.

One possible effect of anal penetration is stimulation of the prostate gland. This gland is found just forward (toward the belly) of the rectum, a few inches in. This can be somewhat pleasurable on its own, or even somewhat uncomfortable, but in any case tends to increase the power (and the fluid output) of the orgasm.

Chemical Assistance

Some people swear by the psychedelics -- others say MDMA (ecstasy) is just the thing. Poppers (amyl nitrate and related substances) have their cheerleaders, too. My most enthusiastic recommendation is for marijuana. This is not an aphrodisiac in the sense of a drug that awakens sexual desire where it does not exist, or promotes erection where erection is wanting, but marijuana is a drug which enhances the sexual experience, metaphorically turning a sandwich into a manwich.

Of course, marijuana affects different people differently, and the side effects (which may include drowsiness, enlightenment, or imprisonment) may detract in their own way from the sexual experience. Nonetheless, if you haven't tried it, I strongly recommend a little experimentation. Both the giver and receiver can benefit from its effects.

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