Cait's Basement
Hot Stuff!!!

(by request)

I wonder if you're not going to find more than you asked for....more than you expected....more than you really wanted?

I want..... find my equal - a powerful, loyal, mature man of intellectual and emotional excellence - a man of integrity and initiative - a man who strives constantly for more, better, stronger...a man who is as curious, adventurous, and limit-pushing as I am.   A man of action and achievement. be used...more specifically, to find a man I respect, trust, and am turned-on by - so much so, that I might give my control over to -- experience him enjoying me.  To see him the proud owner of a quality, rare jewel - "his toy", for his pleasure and experience him using me, so Masterful of my body, my reactions, and my desire that - *when* he chooses - he can bring me to *ache* to please him and to service him - *as* he chooses enjoy fear, to enjoy utter anticipation, to enjoy complete panic, to enjoy absolute wreckless abandon (all available in role play) be able to go there because I know most deeply that he'd never hurt me, he'd always respect my limits, and take care of and nurture me should I fall into 'the zone' feel the inner rage of my outward resistence (and the secret pleasure and outward excitement) as he shows me off to others...his friends....strangers as he he allows them liberties with  my body, as he encourages them to take me and to use me as he stands by rage against his confident pride that I 'belong' only to him, am his to play with and to offer to whom he wishes, as he wishes.....

......A man who understands that in order for a woman to truly 'belong' to him, she must - first and foremost - own herself, know her worth, and would only 'give' herself fully to a man of her caliber, through proper pursuasion. experience the pleasure possible while I'm used at whim of multiple men
.......a marriage relationship that can incorporate all aspects of my desires, wants, needs.....(No rush, but I'll accept no less.) all.....the best life has to offer -- financial abundance, sexual fulfillment, emotional support, professional achievement, social engagement, intellectual challenge, (eventually to build a strong family).....(the list goes on...).... and a mate talented enough to be my accomplice in having it all.

I need.....

........the comfort of trust and familiarity that comes only from demonstrated acts of trustworthiness
........absolute honesty, cards-on-the-table, no bullshit, no games, communication, out-with-it honesty. maintain my professional and real-life identity and independence in addition to my play-life (thus, discretion)
........a 6'+, attractive, clean, successful, adventurous, loyal man who wants a multi-orgasmic, extremely responsive, untamed and restless woman, caged in the body of an attractive, intelligent, graceful, strong female.
........challenge (sexual, intellectual...) be free to (sexually) resist, and to be had, be held down, tied down, pinned down, made vulnerable, to be made defenseless, to be shown that weakness, and then to be taken. feel the animal lust, physical strength, and unbridled hunger a man is capable of, yet at other times, to experience the deep, sensual, erotic, passion of romantic love-making (in balance)
........reliability - long-term commitment, not play-and-run. be adored, admired, appreciated, fawned over, desired...and then held down, fucked, ravaged, and used as the possession of a true connasseur
........the emotional support of deep friendship, the true "connection" available only with someone who is interested in, and honestly cares about, me travel live intensely

I ache .....

........for the balance that comes from sharing company with someone 'stronger than I' - and the joy of seeing them take advantage of these facts. have my weaknesses (sexual vulnerabilities, errogenous zones, 'buttons') used against me
........for regular, thorough release of my ever distracting, ever raging hormones live the best life has to offer share the rush of life's pleasure with an equal - a 'real' man.


Hot Stuff!!!