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This site is NOT a RAPE site.  Although we do have material labeled as "rape-fantasy", it's actually "forced-sex-role-play" (FSRP).

This is an FSRP site.
What is FSRP?  Read on...

By entering this site, you admit that you have read and understood....:

The Basement Philosophy

     Hi!  I'm Caitlyn, and I'm a tall, attractive young woman (or so I'm told).  Personally, I love to be held down and taken sexually.  I love when a man shows his power and strength and uses my body for his pleasure.  I love to play sex games with my lover, pretending I'm a defenseless waif and he is an unstoppable lusty man-animal.  For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about being abducted and sexually used for hours before being returned....or being captured and used as a sexual experiment-toy for aroused onlookers.  I love to play "hard-to-get" and to resist my "captors", and the chase makes it all the more exciting.  Yet despite my feigned resistence, the pleasure my captors "force" on me leaves me begging and aching for more!

    Many people label this kind of play "rape fantasy".  
"Rape" is non-consensual forced sex.
These fantasies are STRICTLY CONSENSUAL.


We misuse and abuse the term "rape" by  1.)  applying this word to consensual acts (bondage sex, for example)  and  2.) using the term "rape fantasy" to legitimize depictions of  sex combined with blood, bruising or other bodily injury.   This is EXTREMELY dangerous!!!  (click here for more info) 

Let's all make it clear -

There's a HUGE difference between "rape"
and consensual "forced sex role play" (FSRP).

We need to separate bodily injury images from consensual fantasy images. 
We need to use different words to talk about consensual fantasies.

This is not only practical, it can have huge legal consequences. 


Defining FSRP

    Sex is about pleasure and fun
This can take many forms.  In FSRP, the forms tend to be more aggressive and rough than typical "vanilla" sex.  One partner may be restrained, either with or without the use of physical strength or physical bonds.  To a casual onlooker it may even appear "forced".   Having been pre-arranged, both partners clearly communicate what elements will be involved in their play, what limits may not be crossed, what will give pleasure, and may even include a pre-arranged "scene" or "role-play" or game.  There is mutual trust between partners, and an explicit agreement as to when the playing will stop.  In this way, partners understand and consent to all elements of the game.  Some FSRP can also be seen as relating to BSDM.


One example of FSRP that I personally tend to enjoy includes being physically overpowered by a man and aggressively penetrated

 I love being used sexually while at the same time pretending and acting like I'm resisting.   I love having my wrists bound behind me while satisfying my partner orally while I'm restrained.   I also love being tied down or pinned and made to orgasm until I'm completely exhausted.  My partner knows our secret code for when I REALLY want to stop (see info below about "safe words"), and my partner's utmost concern is for my safety and my pleasure, as well as his own.

For me, pain is not used for control.  My partner's ability to control or overpower me comes from the fact that he is stronger than I am, and he will restrain me and excite me tremendously.   In pleasure, my resistence evaporates and my lust and desire give him full control of my mind and body.  For others, the partner's ability to control may come from a whip, from slaps, or from more intense forms of play.

Realize, that in order for rough sex and bondage sex to be safe,
partners need full communication AHEAD of time, and
full precautions need to be taken at all times. 
In some circles this is called Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

    No matter what other sites, stories, newsgroups, or people say, RAPE IS NOT FUN.   Women DO NOT fantasize about rape.  Rape is non-consensual, unwanted forced sex, which may or may not include unwanted pain, bruising, blood, bodily injury, or in the worst cases death (snuff).  Rape DOES NOT provide sexual pleasure for the woman.  Rape is an abuse of human rights.  It is disrespect in the highest form, a complete and utter lack of humanity.  This is why it is a Class-A Felony.

 If you are a male or woman who seriously considers forcing sex
while disregarding your partner's desires,
be aware that you are walking a very dangerous path - please see a therapist (psychologist or counselor).

Notice the terms "non-consensual" and "unwanted".  If a woman fantasizes about or wants forced sex scenes, and she chooses to live out that fantasy, THIS IS CONSENT.  Therefore, we MUST use a different term. 


Some argue that, in certain circles, bruising and bloodshed are actually desired (during whipping and bloodsports, for example).  I do support personal freedom of choice.   However, since it is extremely difficult to show convincing "consent" in a picture where the victim is bloody and bruised -

Let's separate (physically and by category)
all depictions of sex that incorporate bruising, bloodshed or bodily harm.
This is very different from simple bondage sex, and should be treated as such.

Calling it "fantasy" does NOT make depictions of bodily injury less graphic.  Let's put them in "welts and red-marks" areas, or a "blood and gore" area, or in a "bodily harm" area, but let's SEPARATE them, IDENTIFY them CLEARLY, and make the distinction obvious.  If we can't afford the time to separate them, maybe it's time to hang up the webmaster hat.


What you *WILL* find in this site:

Stories, Fantasies & Writings about:

Forced-Sex Fantasy Bondage Group Sex
Role-Playing Power Exchange Bondage Sex
women who LIKE all of the above and are given PLEASURE by it


What you *WILL NOT* find in this site:

Blood and Gore Scat, Watersports Bodily Damage or Snuff
Unwanted Pain, Violence, Humiliation or Torture
Women Used and Abused Against Their Will


The Difference

In some cases, just a facial expression clearly shows if someone is in pain, sometimes it's tough to tell the difference.  I avoid pictures depicting pain, as it's not clear if the pain was consensual or non-consensual. Since videos, stories, and actual sex acts have the luxury of time (and disclaimers), specific consent can be made clear before any 'action' happens.


    Everyone is different, and there are many flavors of FSRP, BSDM, and sex.  Ask questions, and be respectful of your partner's limits.  We learn from each other.  Just because one person likes using whips, spanking, insults, or humiliation, does not mean everyone will respond to it.

      If you're confused, don't worry.  Re-read our PHILOSOPHY, talk to experienced people, get opinions, explore your own tastes, and compare what *they* say to what *you* like and don't like. 

    Learn more about the BSDM scene and the 9 levels of play.  Find people who share YOUR particular tastes.  Explore our links to learn more.  Visit our Information Section and learn all sorts of neat things about how to have REALLY GREAT safe sex and exploration.

    But whatever you do, DO stand your ground and DO NOT engage in unsafe, uncomfortable, or unclear play.  Be safe.  Be explicit.  Communicate.  Take your time to develop "role play" relationships carefully.  USE SAFE WORDS.  Finally, if you're shy about saying what you want or don't want, or you have a hard time being honest and upfront with your partner about who you are, this is NOT your ballpark.  Find another game!!!

    In my opinion, the safest way to play out forced sex fantasies is through the use of a.) safe words and actions and b.) a negotiation form or checklist to work out all the details ahead of time, with c.) ONLY people you know, trust, and can track down in case of danger. (See the info section for more details.)  Anyone who DELIBERATELY plays without a safeword is, in my opinion, playing with fire.

    I'm sure anyone worth their salt (and worth YOUR respect) would happily agree to all of this.

Cait's Tastes

    My favorite safe-words are "red" (STOP what you're doing RIGHT NOW and do something else), "yellow" (time-out a minute) and "umbrella" (time to quit. Tea, coffee, or tender cuddle?).  In the case where a gag (*any* object that blocks speech) is used,  I want my right-hand and fingers left free...if I snap my fingers you better remove my gag and listen closely.

    Some people have asked me why I enjoy FSRP.  Although I'm sure not all women are alike, for me it's a combination of elements:

    In some ways, FSRP gives me freedom.  Culturally, we women are taught that we are not supposed to enjoy sex.   If we do, we are "sluts, tramps, whores".  We are also taught that we are not supposed to like A LOT of pleasure, especially since we have to cater to the whim and ability (or lack thereof) of our partners (and yes, ability can be improved...great sex must be LEARNED - see the Info Section for great ideas and solutions to common frustrations).  So FSRP gives me a chance to let go.  It is a form of releasing my inhibitions about sex - if I'm being forced to have pleasure, tied down and  made to orgasm more times than I can handle, and someone is doing it TO me rather than me hoping and wishing it would happen, then it's ok and I'm not a slut, right?  The mind is a strange thing.

    Secondly, I think it has to do with balancing my own personality; FSRP gives me a chance to relax.  In my daily 'real life' I am strong, dominant, independent, always the one people around me expect to be "in control".  Over the years many people have told me - after becoming close friends of mine - that they were once intimidated by me because of my determination (my physique helps a lot, too).  As a result, FSRP gives me the chance to be OUT of control for a change...the opportunity to see the most attractive parts of a "true man" that I don't get to appreciate during 'normal business hours' - his unwavering confidence, his driven determination, the strength and weight of his body against mine, and his pure aggressive unrestrained animal passion.  I LIKE a man who goes for what he wants when he wants it....so long as he listens to my needs and respects *my* rights and my wishes, too. 

    Finally, I think it's always been a part of me.  I remember relishing childhood games when I could be the 'captive'.  I remember wanting to see Wonder Woman being taken advantage of when she was tied up...I remember the first rush I felt when a guy pinned my wrists down while kissing me.  Maybe I'm just hard-wired this way.

    Whatever the source, it's all erotic, and NONE of it is about some man showing me how much he thinks HE is at the top of the food chain, or that "women are for a man's pleasure only, regardless if they like it or not" (although a well-planned scene may look like that at times...).  It is NOT about allowing a man to use me as a scapegoat for his rage, insecurity, intellectual lack, sexual inability, and lack of maturity about how to deal with sex and women, and getting it forced on me instead.

    I guess it takes intelligence, communication, and experience to tell the difference.

Sex is not about abuse, it's about having fun. 
Sex should ALWAYS please BOTH the man and woman,
both having full pleasure and orgasms to their hearts' content.


So on that note.... end of soap box...... let's get to the GOOD stuff already!!!!!!

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