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Captured Fantasy - MMM/f, nc/enforced sex, bond, anal

Action-packed - bed-bound woman is ravaged by three men.

Captured Fantasy 2 - M/f, nc/enforced sex, bond, outside

Blindfolded and bound, she's taken for a ride....again and again...

Come Out and Play
Dominance - M/f, dom, bond, dildo

How a REAL man treats his pet.

Dream or Torment?
       By Cait & Dr. Hyde
Inside Her Mind - M/f, bond, dom

A sexy "position" leads to fantasies of dominance.

Meal Slave - M/f, dom

Unexpected treatment when he got home from work!

Dressed for Use - MMMMM/f, cnc / enforced sex, bond

Inspired by The Limo (below).  Lovers 'game' makes a sex-slave out of her.

Frank - 1993 - M/f, romantic, knife, bond.

Girl relates her story of a night "playing" with a loved one.

Coming Home - MM/f, bond, gag, oral, short-story

Tired after work, girl meets with a surprise at her front door!

The Older Man
The Rack - MMMMMM/f, bond, oral, yng

Inspired by the pix series of the same name.  Attractive girl on trial.

Neil - Part 1 - The Power of a Voice  - M/f,  hypno, autoerotic

From his perspective.  Phone convo sets him up for later!

Neil - Part 2 - A First Meeting  - M/f,  hypno, bond

Taking her home, planning to take her.  Her view (mostly).

Neil - Part 3 - All Powerful  - M/f,  hypno, bond

He continues to enjoy his prize.  Her view (mostly).

The Student - Part One  - M/f, yng

First in a multi-part series about a student's blackmail.

The Student - Part Two  - M/f, yng

Second in the series.  She's lulled further into his trap.

The Student - Part Three - M/f,  yng, oral, cry, gag

Third in the series.   Sapirt slowly makes his plaything succumb.

The Student - Part Four  - M/f, yng, cry

Fourth in the series.  Sapirt takes his prize.  To be continued!

The Student Part Five - Sapirt's quest to conquer all continues.

Spread-eagle tied to his bed, he continues his mastery.

Man-Animal Fantasy - M/f, yng, nc

A girl lying in the woods is surprised to discover she is not alone.



Erotic Dominance - A new poem by Cait, May 2007
Sensual Brute Force - A new poem by Cait, May 2007
FROM "THE RING" - A series of short-stories and poems by Cait.  A secret-society of elite men make use of the women that belong to them, inspired by "The Story of O".A secret-society of elite men make use of the women that belong to them, inspired by "The Story of O".
____The Struggle - Where it all begins.  A simple tease and a wild chase.
____The Supermarket - One of his first attempts to "play" - publicly - with the idea.
____The Lesson - She said no spanking.  What about when HE "hits" her...hard?   His view.
____The Dream - The games his leisure.  Nighttime fun.
____The Direct-tion - When the sun is up, so is he - demanding she serve him.
____The Supermarket, Part 2 - Public play, and the elite circle grows for the first time.
____A Week Behind Locked Doors - His view.  Making full use of his "privileges". (anal)
____The Restaurant and Invitee - Public play, yet another addition to "the ring" of men.
____The Sex-Toy - As many men as he chooses, all using her as she's tied down.


STORY LINKS Cait's Favorites

Against Her Will? - formerly at

Reading the first four paragraphs had me wetter than wet...Thank you Thunder!  Kept on file just in case...

Caitlyn's Date by Cait's Friend - M/f, nc, bond, dom.  His view.

      Was it arranged, or was it a violation?  You be the judge.  First
       meeting turns to something else.  HOT story.  One of Cait's Fav's.

The Limo - formerly at

I have to give credit where credit is due.  Thank you Thunder!!  Very inspiring story!  A keeper!



April by B(R)G
Biker's Bar by A/S
The Book by LB - M/f, dom, oral.  Her view.

Woman, interrupted, used like a sex-slave!  Nicely Done!

Britney's Ordeal by SPV
His by LB
The Housewarming Gift by B(R)G - M/f, nc / bond, dom.  His view.

He gives her "the grand tour" in his new house...  Very well-written!  Bravo!

Library Lover by LW
Pleasure Trap by SPV
Secretary's Shame by JK
The Phone Call by LB
Vile Gamer by CL
White Slave Trade by CL


Hot Stuff!!!

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