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We misuse and abuse the term "rape" by 

1.)  applying this word to consensual acts (bondage sex, for example)  and 

2.) applying the term "rape fantasy" to legitimize depictions of  sex combined with blood, bruising or other bodily injury.


A.)  FSRP material often falls under the labels "rape" and "rape fantasy", those seeking FSRP material are often unwittingly exposed to GRAPHIC and violent rape pictures and descriptions  (blood, bruising, snuff, unwanted pain, and other horrors).  This can be extremely psychologically disturbing.  Once you see a brutal bloody image, it's extremely hard to forget what you've seen.

B.)  when FSRP pix and stories are mislabled as "rape" or "rape fantasy", women who have FSRP fantasies (like I do) are MISLED into believing that "rape" is what we want to see / read about / fantasize about.

C.)  men who have FSRP fantasies are then MISLED into believing that women fantasize about being raped.

D.)  misusing the term "rape" can and does desensitize us to it.  Many apply the term "rape fantasy" to represent "consensual sex games".  Associating something as harmless as consensual sex games with something as vile as non-consensual sex, violence, and bodily harm (rape) implies that rape can be harmless.  It also implies that depicting or acting out "rape" is ok if you tack on the term "fantasy".  Rape is *never* acceptable.

E.)  the term "rape" includes that which is UNWANTED AND NON-CONSENSUAL.  Fantasy enactment is CHOSEN AND CONSENSUAL.  Therefore, using the term "rape fantasy" is not only misleading, confusing,  and inaccurate, it's CONTRADICTORY.

F.) the growing popularity of FSRP images, videos, and stories could lead actual rape perpetrators-on-trial to seek defense under the guise of "I know she fantasizes about it...I was just acting out a fantasy....really, she wanted it."   Choosing to use and accept the term "rape fantasy" for FSRP allows this legal ambiguity to happen.  This is completely unacceptable.

G.)  some sites who previously labelled themselves "rape" sites, may have recently started using the term "rape fantasy" MERELY as a way to shrug off the Feds.  Adding the word "fantasy" DOES NOT make "rape" images and stories ok!!!  A clearer distinction in types of pictures, stories, and movies needs to be made (see the previous page for suggestions).

So let's all make this clear!

There's a HUGE difference between "rape"
and consensual "forced sex role play" (FSRP).

We need to separate bodily injury images from consensual fantasy images. 
We need to use different words to talk about consensual fantasies.

This is not only practical, it can have huge legal consequences.