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(*coy grin*)  Yes, I am real....why, d'you wanna meet me?  Most men can't handle me.  And you?

If you want to get a "hold" of me, you'd better know how to "rub me the right way".

Explore me, enjoy me, then come for more.

                                                (*smile*)                                                   Caitlyn

My Stats
My Day-To-Day

Why I Made This Site
My Personality
Favorite Role-Play Scenarios
What Turns Me On, What Excites Me

Men Seeking Cait Should Know......

Conversation Exerpts:
What Cait Wants, Needs, Desires...


My Day-To-Day

My day-to-day is spent writing, working on my PC, building business, and 'seeking adventure'...  (*smile*)  For now, I'll let you know that the site is not my main occupation, but a lusty hobby of mine : )  - very much separate from my professional life (I run my own business).  The site gives me a kind of sexual outlet I want to experience more of.....  : )     More details about my day-to-day life, I exchange with friends as I get to know them better...  : ) 

My Stats
Height: 6' + heels
Age: 30
Measuremts: 36B-30-39
Hair: Brown / Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Status: Single.
Locale: NYC area
Hobbies: Travel
  Play Pool Computers
  Read Volleyball
  Dancing Music
  Movies Fine Wines
  Theater Good Convo
  Skiing Boating
  Most anything new /


Why I Made This Site

After years of collecting "naughty bondage stories", 2 years ago I started collecting pictures and videos, and admitting to the true nature of my hunger - to find a man/men I could serve. I started seriously looking for 'slave' related material to feed my fantasies.

Although my collection got HUGE, I had three problems: 

- I couldn't see pix I wanted when I wanted them (searching took forever!) 
- I found most of the pix and vids out there absolutely pathetic.  I wanted better.  
- I was *really* tired of the mis-classification of "bondage+sex" as "rape".

I started my web pages with the picture search engine - FOR ME.   Somehow, people found them, so I added my "philosophies" to the FrontDoor and called the philosophy FSRP, and called the site "The Basement".  I got lots of great feedback and people seemed to like my stuff, but after a while they got overly demanding.  To weed out trouble, I made the good stuff "Member's Only".

Now "The Site" is overwhelming.  It's WAY more than I ever expected to do - each month it's grown and grown, and even though I have tons of content to add, running my businesses (and my life!) often means I have a hard time keeping up with the demands for new updates.  Anyone interested in helping out?!!!   hahhaha

I'm really having a good time with it, though.  Lots of members send me GREAT GREAT GREAT stuff....*way* better than I could have found alone!  And some of the email conversations make it all worth while! 


My Personality

I'm assertive all day.  So men who can dominate me, excite me.  
I'm intelligent, curious, creative, playful.  I like adventure, and to explore the unknown. 
I love life and look to experience it fully.  People who don't, bore me.
My hunger runs deep - I love to learn, and I have a very lusty sex-drive.
I'm ambitious. I know what I want. I'm also intuitive, so I demand honesty and integrity.
Generally upbeat, I spend my social time with people who are like-minded.

Depending on my mood (and how well I know you!), I can be:

gothic elegant professional wild / rowdy gregarious reclusive
verbose to-the-point laid-back/quiet childlike/playful sassy easy-going
compassionate a bitch business suit jeans & sneakers challenging agreeable
philosophical physical


Favorite Role-Play Scenarios (not necessarily in this order!)

In all of these scenes, the men enjoy forcing the captive to have pleasure and orgasm against her will.  Seeing her  resistence excites them.   Hearing her beg to be free only encourages them to tease her and use her more (or they simply gag her!).  They enjoy the satisfaction of touching her skin and hair, looking at her body, enjoying her beauty, and fucking her over and over again, using every part of her for their satisfaction, ultimately driving her to a point where she will do and say anything they tell her to do. 


What Turns Me On, What Excites Me

Specific Songs that Turn Me On!

Haunting or "Nasty songs" - Minor chords, sexy and/or dom lyrics, sexy and/or funky and/or rowdy/hard tunes.

'Possum Kingdom 
The Toadies
Heaven Tonite
Cheap Trick
Happy Together
The Turtles
Don't Fear The Reaper
Blue Oyster Cult
Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode
Principles Of Lust
Moonlight Sonata
Into The Night
Benny Mardones
Baker Street
Jerry Rafferty
Mea Culpa
You're Making Me High
Toni Braxton
Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit
Sarah McLaughlin
Justify My Love
Roberta Flack
Killing Me Softly

Types of Music I Love To Listen To

I have a HUGE collection of music, but here are some of the general ideas...


Phrases that Turn Me On

Scroll down to see more of the fun!


Ooo I love it when you talk to me!


Touch Me!

Tactile, take time, tempt, tantalize and tease...then take!  If I trust you, I'll tell you my 'weaknesses'.  Otherwise, you'll have to look for them in my writing.....



Men Seeking Cait Should Know...


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