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Brian Tarsis
Graphic art novels of women tied down, stripped, suspended, penetrated with devices, tentacles, penises in all orifices... also whipping, humiliation, unusual torture tests. Very sexual emphasis. One of the best force-fantasy artists for the past 20 years; creator of the perverse classic "City of Dreams". Website has graphic novels for sale, bio section, art gallery of bondage drawings, original pieces, "Explore the Dungeons", more.

Dark Star Art
Official home of force-fantasy artist Gary Roberts.
Drawing Palace
Force drawings and BDSM/torture drawings. Variety of artists: G-Man, Butcher, Badia, Laurent, Roc, Ron San, Roscoe, Zell, Strike, Fernando, Innocentius, Scavender, Likker. 1 entry popup, 1 exit popup.
Drawing Planet
1 exit pop-up... tends to hijack your browser, though.

Brian Tarsis

Dark Star

Hentai Videos
Streaming theater with forced-sex fantasy themes.  Japanese animation. See Isaku Respect Third Episode, also Black Mail #2 Vol.3.

Mr. X - now at DangerBabe Central - previously was at SuperHeroine Central
Original full-color 3D renderings with force themes and force stories. High quality.

Forced sex fantasy drawings. Art includes narratives. Categories include Male on Female FSRP, Female on Female FSRP, superheroines, plants, monsters, peril, webs. Art by Reba and MWB aka Count Mike.

World of Smudge
Superheroine and rape fantasy art.

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