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FSRP, Enforced Sex, Role Playing... INFO

9 Levels of Submission

Where do you see yourself?  Is your partner somewhere in this article?   (On file JIC.)  Great article full of insight!  5 Stars!!!

Negotiation Form

A must for safe, sane, and consensual play!!!  Cait's Pick.

Pre-Meeting Checklist

Safe, Sane, Consensual.  A must for any Sub's Safety!!

D/s Questionnaire

A play list for determining basic kink-compatibility.

Play Partner Checklist
List of Terms and BDSM Terms

Two sites explaining the lingo of the culture.


FSRP Safety Issues and How To's

Characteristics of a Successful Dominant

A must read!

Rights As A Submissive

A must read!

Kink Aware Professionals

If you have difficulty differentiating between consensual role play and abusive sex, or if you are a victim, here is a site where you can find help.

For Men: The Reality Page
         Interesting essay by scorpio, lila, dominique & igor


FSRP Pix Sites

Paul's Artwork at

Cait's 5-star pick!!!!  Hot Hot Hot!!!  Paul knows how to draw it the way I WANT it....oooofff!!

Raven's Art and Animated Gifs

Cait's 5-star pick!!!!  Raven has some TERRIFIC artwork, great links, and her animated gifs are HOT!  Check her out!  [Site gone 2012]


Oral Sex

Tammy, Linda, & Nicole's Guide -  URL extinct - this is our in-house copy.

Cait recommends!  Explains how to please a woman...and they should know! 

How to Suck Cock: 14 Lesson Tutorial

Perfect for learning how to suck cock....another keeper written by those who really know their business (men)! 

Different Ways To Give a Great BJ - URL extinct - this is our in-house copy.

is another great how to please a man tutorial (written by women).

How To Give A Blow Job -  URL extinct - this is our in-house copy.

Multi-part article on a man's opinion.  Wordy and sometimes strange, but lots of good material.  The techniques section is wild.


Better Sex Articles

How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Solution takes time and practice, but it's worth it!  Questionable section on "additional methods".


Better Sex Books

Women's G-Spot and other Sexual Ecstasies

What an incredible book!  Dispite the hot-pink cover on some copies, if you REALLY want to know female secrets, THIS is THE book.  Cait recommends.  Even WOMEN don't know some of this info!

Prevent Premature Ejaculation, Have Multi-Orgasms, No "Down Time" After !!!!
         Instructions and exercises for using muscle control (PC muscles) to delay orgasm, prevent ejaculation, and limit (or eliminate!) "down time"!  I know from personal experience that this stuff works!  GREAT great great book!
Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

         Another must-read for any "real man" who wants to know his stuff.   Instructive and interesting.


FSRP Stories Sites

••• Soren's Story Collection

Great stuff!!! All free.

Alebeard's Site

Well-organized site! 

Twisted Bitch

A "bitch" who likes her man "where he belongs".  Her personal web pages - poems, links, more.  Tripod site with lots of pop-up ads.

Christa's Pages
       Christa's thoughts about forced sex role play.  Also stories and links.  This site has disappeared so here is the copy at


FSRP-Content Links Sites

Soren's Rape Links

Well laid out.  Cait's favorite.   List of absolutely wild FSRP sites *with* descriptions (thank you Soren!!!).


Meeting People into FSRP

RapeClub at ForbiddenSin

Forum where you can dialogue with other folks into FSRP.  [This site has closed - 2012]


FSRP Video Sites, Gift Shops, and
Other Neat Places To Go  (Link Partners)


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