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Alt.com Articles, Forums & Chat
Members post articles and discussions about sexual interests and fantasies.  Several fsrp-related sections and groups, including Rape Fantasy.
Bondage.com Forums & Personal Ads
Big site, discussion boards, personals, photos & vids etc.
Rape Board
Fantasy forum.  Warning: edgy.
Ravishment University
Forum for adult discussion of fantasies concerning forced sex, rape fantasy, forced sex role play (FSRP), and non-consensual sex, also includes rape fantasy stories, rape roleplay and more. 
RavNet Yahoo Group
Forum takes a stand for ravishment fetishists' rights, both in general society and within the BDSM community.
Vicious Board
Rape fantasy forum.  Warning: edgy.
BDSM Is Not Mysogyny
Good article by Tarsis at BrianTarsis.com.  Site also has graphic art novels of women tied down, stripped, suspended, penetrated with devices, tentacles, penises in all orifices... also whipping, humiliation, unusual torture tests.

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Ravishment University

Brian Tarsis

Cait's Basement

Consensual Rape Fantasies
Article about force roleplay at LeatherNRoses.com.
Differences Between Sexual Fantasies of Men and Women

Erotic Talk for Lovers
Includes list of common fantasies. also interesting notes about phone sex work. Presented by Sexuality.org.

Feminism and Free Speech: Porn Myths
Force in Women's Sexual Fantasies.
Study summary.
My Secret Garden, by Nancy Friday (book)
This groundbreaking book from decades ago had a chapter about women's force fantasies, discussing the phenomena and then giving example fantasies contributed by real women. An interesting read to see how women approach forced sex fantasies.
Out of the Shadows: Rape Scenes and Consensual Violence
Text of an online moderated discussion about forced-sex roleplay and similar scenes.

Perverse Fantasies More Common Than Thought
"More normal people report having perverse sexual fantasies, and new studies suggest that even violent fantasies are surprisingly common."

Readers Rif on Political Correctness
Romance novel fans discuss the issue of 'forced seduction' fantasies, how forced sex is presented in their genre, and other reality/fantasy conflicts in political correctness. From "Laurie's News & Views" at LikeBooks.com.

Real-Life Roleplay
"Abducted Lady Executive" -- FSRP roleplay article at Forcefantasies.com.

Sexual Fantasies: Friend or Foe?
Sexual Fantasy
Great article geared toward female readers. Presented by The-Clitoris.com.
Wikipedia on Rape Fantasy
Also read the forum comments; the writers are struggling to find a happy medium on how this article should be written.

Women's Top 10 Sexual Fantasies
Scroll down and check out Fantasy #1.

What offends one and what doesn't has always been a mystery.  This said, let me share this story.  I was at a Dungeon in the Orange County area.  A group of people were sitting at a table and enjoying some food provided by the place.  Most of us had our toy bags.  A man asked the lady next to him "What do you have in your bag?"  She opens it and shows some whips, canes and other toys used for spanking scenes. The guy stops eating and said something about "I don't understand how someone can get pleasure from hurting or being hurt by another person."  We all just sat there and someone said "To each his own..."  A little later the same guy asks me what I have in my bag. so I show my handcuffs, ballgags, and rope and the same guy remarks about not understanding how someone gets pleasure from tieing or being tied. At this point those of us at the table were wondering what this guy was doing at this type of place.  Before one of us could ask him, this lady walks in and asks "One of you guys Larry?"  The guy with the remarks yells, "Yeah that's me" and he walks away with her. The lady next to me busts up laughing.  When she composed herself, we ask what's so funny?  She said "Larry went off with a Mistress who specializes in golden and brown showers."  So the point is we all need to be open with each other and their "kink" so to speak.

Steve from So.Ca. -- November 23, 2005

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