Links to sites with rape sex fantasies, rape bondage fantasies, erotic rape fantasies, forced sex fantasies, free rape stories.  Some of these sites have very dark or extreme material.

Cait's Stories & Fantasies
Caitlyn and friends' tales.  Most unique to this site.
Kinky Erotic Rape Fantasies (F on M)
Stories of women forcing men to have sex with them. Tales include The Horny Colleague, The Hitchhiker, Revenge, Women In Power, The Dominant Boss, The Horny Burglars. In 3 languages - Dutch, English, Spanish.
Mudshark's Forced-Sex Fantasy Fiction
Stories by Jefferson James. Cute graphics! Stories include "A Dark Place", "Creep Out", "Escape", "Guest of the Inquisitor", "Incident at the Summer House", "Society Slaves", "Sweet Revenge".  Site states: "The stories on this site are in no way meant to condone or glorify the horrible crimes of rape and blackmail. Their purpose is to entertain and to give inspiration to consenting adults engaging in sexual role-playing."
NonConsent and Reluctance Stories at
Includes tales such as "Sexual Revenge", "Sex Wars", "Sexy Cheerleader says the Wrong Thing", "Shameful Ecstasy", "She Had It Coming", "She Said No", "She Wouldn't Date Him", "Slavery in the Future", "Sneak Attack", "Southern Revenge".

Soren's Rape Stories

Cait's Basement

Rape Stories aka Soren's Rape Stories aka
Nice big selection of stories and fantasies, conveniently organized. Interactive forum where you can write stories too. Also lots of links to other sites.  This is one of the longest-surviving force sites on the internet.

Stories at
Original stories, as well as reviews of romance novels, art, articles, etc. Since July 1998.

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